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Gurieli Gardens



Gurieli is a tea manufacturer standing at the origins of tea growing in Georgia. Aiming to take tea industry to a new level, company launched a new premium line of teas in collaboration with Georgian tea growers. For each product in this series company chooses plantation owners of one Georgia region, who grow tea bushes using selective breeding and run tea leafs through all the stages of torsion, fermentation, drying up and sorting according to all Gurieli standards.

Our task was to develop a design for this family of teas from different Georgia regions, which would underline the concept of collection of selected teas from different regions.

Working on packaging design we decided to reflect the accuracy, with which the Company treats each and every leaf in the garden. For this we used a delicate technique of water-color. These water-color patterns unexpectedly continue on the inner side of the tin, which brings additional charm to the design.

Packaging of each collection draws attention to region of Georgia from which the tea is from, showing its map at the centre of the packaging.

Green Pharmacy Works

Who is the toughest nut Works

Lacomba and la-la-life Works

Aura renovates tone Works

Gonzo Snacks against hunger Works

Metro keeps the prices fit Works

Sedariston Works

Zayka. Condensed Milk. Works

Dragon Energy Drink package design Works

DZYOB package design & naming Works