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Green Pharmacy



The team had a goal to raise Green Pharmacy brand awareness and get straight to various audiences' hearts. As there are so many options in portfolio and everyone can choose here something for him/herself: for those with sensitive skin, for young and for adults, for ones with rebel hair, for redheads and even for massage lovers.

Talking about our superiority doesn't seem very modest and very original during times when every brand calls itself a leader. In this case we decided not to be pompous or use “more than just cosmetics” cliché. But told about the brand’s recognition ironically, in a simple form that would interest the audience. Especially since, the cosmetics is popular among “common” us.

What we knew before the start?  That the brand is already #1 in three categories of self-care products. Taking into account Green Pharmacy’s popularity and the number of its products we assume that at least 7 women are using it at this very second. But it's not precise. We suspect that even more.

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