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David Ogilvy opened Ogilvy, Benson & Mather in New York in 1948.
Worldwide, we now have over 10,000 employees in 83 countries. We have 132 offices, and we do work in over 65 languages.
Ogilvy Ukraine was officially set up in 1997 and is 100% owned by Ogilvy Worldwide.



At the same time, we believe in the power of brands that have ideals. We help our customer brands to find their ideal and to make the world a better place.
Brands with such global ambitions and active social position inspire people, attract followers, and become part of the daily life of the widest audiences, Thus, they ensure the stability and growth of the companies developing them.
We are constantly sharing our experience with the Ogilvy community of experts from all over the world. Therefore, we bring to our customers solutions that incorporate the best practices collected by our network from many countries and categories.


As part of the development of brands, we propose:


Brand strategies, i.e. we create brands, define and formulate the Brand ideal, values, and role of the brand in the life of its consumers, as well as develop the brand architecture.

Verbal and visual brand language, i.e. the name, packaging, logo, corporate identity, etc.


Creative strategies, i.e. we create big brand/communication ideas.

Communication strategies , i.e. the formulation of messages for each consumer segment at different stages of their acquaintance with the brand, the selection and recommendation of the most effective communication channels and tools.

Communication materials, i.e. the “translation” of a big brand / advertising idea into all types of communication materials (TV/radio commercials, digital, including SMM, outdoor advertising, personalized communication materials (email, Viber, SMS, etc.), consumer promos, etc.) and the coordination of production of these materials.

Brand experience, i.e. we analyze the consumers’ communication with your product or service and offer how to make this process more emotional with the help of various little tricks so that the consumers fall in love with your brand and become its loyal ambassadors in their environment. Believe me, small changes in the communication of your call center with customers or a more humane tone of voice of your Viber newsletters can work wonders.


When the basics of the brand and communication are already developed, sometimes we need to communicate them through a cool design:

A corporate design, i.e. leaflets, booklets, annual reports, and calendars.

A packaging design for new product lines.


We work not for ourselves, not for the company, not even for the client. We work for Brands. We work with the clients as Brand Teams.

We respect the intelligence of our audiences: “The consumer is not a moron.”

We put the creative function at the top of our priorities. The line between pride in our work and neurotic obstinacy is a narrow one. We make our recommendations clear. But we do not grudge our clients the right to the final say. It is their money.

We exist to build the business of our clients. The recommendations we make to them should be the recommendations we would make if we owned their companies, without regard to our own short-term interest. This earns their respect, which is the greatest asset we can have.

What most clients want most from us is great campaigns, with the spark to ignite sales and the staying power to build enduring brands.

We try to create an atmosphere in which partnerships with our clients can flourish.

We expect our clients to hold us accountable for our Stewardship of their Brands.

Only if we have built, nourished and developed prosperous Brands, only if we have made them more valuable both to their users and to their owners, may we judge ourselves successful.


We encourage individuals, entrepreneurs, inventive mavericks – with such members, teams thrive. We have no time for prima donnas or politicians.

We value curiosity, originality, intellectual rigour, perseverance, brains and civility. We see no conflict between a commitment to the highest professional standards in our work and to human kindness in our dealings with each other.

Gentle Manners, Hard Work.
We are opposed to management by intimidation. We abhor ruthlessness. We like people with gentle manners. We see no conflict between adherence to high professional standards in our work and human kindness in our dealings with each other.

The line between confidence and arrogance is a fine one. We watch it obsessively.

We don’t like rigid pecking orders.
We give our executives an extraordinary degree of independence, in the belief that freedom stimulates initiative. We dislike issuing orders; the best results are produced by men and women who don’t have to be told what to do.

We like people who are honest.
Honest in argument, honest with clients, honest with suppliers, honest with the company – and above all, honest with consumers. We admire people who speak their minds. At the same time we admire people who listen more than they talk, and make a real effort to understand views that differ from their own.

Candour is a virtue;
arrogance is not. We admire people who work hard, who are objective and thorough. Lazy or superficial men and women do not produce superior work.

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