The Milk of human kindness campaign for Dobrynia milk brand is running on, with the outdoor prints now on air.

The campaign has launched earlier with a series of TV commercials to justify the kindness of the milk. And that is that it’s given by kind cows!

cow_sock_6x3_bottle cow_latochka_6x3_bottle cow_detka_6x3_bottle

Dobrynia milk makes people yet more kind. But how does the very milk get kind?

Blind tests, focus groups, and surveys proved that kind milk can only be made by kind cows.


Ogilvy & Mather has been named the Most Creative Agency in Ukraine on the past festivals season results.

The accolade was received for the second year in a row by Ogilvy & Mather Ukraine at the Kiev International Advertising Festival, which traditionally resumes creative season and is given to an agency scoring the highest at a series of international festivals.

Ogilvy & Mather Ukraine garnered half as many points as the runner-up agency.

Now on air is also a TV commercial for “Don’t trust your tongue” campaign for Hercules ice-cream brand.

The ad shows what a life would be if our tongues were gone. Gone for Hercules of course, as they know ice-cream better.

The campaign rolled out early in May with a series of outdoor posters that have triggered a whirl of discussion.

They don’t keep mum, may be capricious and behave unpredictably, tend to get loosen by alcohol. But indeed there’s a thing your tongue understands better – it has a nice eye -as well as ear and nose – for good ice-cream.

This is the story about the tongues. And Hercules ice-cream.

tongu_eye tongue_nose tongue_ear